Its-Just-NansMy description repository
Its-Just-Nans.github.ioIts-Just-Nans's PageAstro
antr-checkerScrap PhD offersPython
array-cacheCache the index of an array between program executionsPython
astro-indexapache like index in AstroAstro
auto-api-npmTiny example of using the downloads countendpointJavaScript
bandwidth-calculatorA simple HTML bandwidth calculatorHTML
c-no-heaponly syscalls hereC
can-be-usefulCan these codes be useful ? YesPython
cards-gameA quizz creator and playerHTML
cdnInteresting script files here !JavaScript
coboltests in cobolCOBOL
contacts-vcfrudimentary VCF viewerSvelte
csv-to-custom-jsonEasily transform your CSV to a custom JSON with cooloptionsJavaScript1
csv-to-custom-json-demoDemo of csv-to-custom-jsonSvelte
csv-to-custom-json-pythonEasily transform your CSV to a custom JSON with cooloptionsPython1
csv-to-custom-json-python View the repository on GitHub
curriculum-vitaeGenerate curriculum vitæ from json using lua and lualatexLua
deezer-apiA very simple Deezer API clientJavaScript
dijkstrainf-103 - dijkstra (labyrinth and graph) in javaJava
discord-webhooksScripts to use discord WebHooksPython
docker-compose-networkMay draw your network schemaPython
docker-compose-network View the repository on GitHub
dockerizing-4gfull 4g network in a docker clusterDockerfile
docx-asn1Decode the asn1 in docxPython
dojo-snakeDojo Snake with BAMJavaScript
domainsCheck domains availabilityJavaScript
domains-scrapingdomains name scrapingPython
dumb-parserPOC for a dumb parserC++
eframe-filedropeframe filedropRust
endpoints-extensionBrowser extension to dectect api endpointsJavaScript
events-hookEasily sharing state between componentTypeScript
ffmpeg-cropperEasily get the ffmpeg crop filter for your videoHTML
fiber-calculatorDUT R&T - Fiber CalculatorVisual Basic .NET
figerEasily manage config files in multi user environmentPython
file-checkerCheck files consistencyPython
flat-hingejust some 3d flat hinges
forem-cliUse forem API in CLIJavaScript
forem-clientForem API client with zero dependenciesJavaScript1
function-viewerSee moving functions in 3DJavaScript2
go-calendarGenerate a calendar from a JSON fileGo1
go-json-sql-printerExperimentation with go and SQLGo
greenerDUT R&T - website about ecologyHTML
halting-problemPlease don't haltPython
hangman-gameDUT R&T - Python hangman gamePython
har-glbextract har to form glbPython
hexagon-backgroundGenerate a hexagon svg then use it as a background imageLua
js-animationPOC to easily create animations with cssHTML
js-functionsDon't use itJavaScript
json-editorA simple json editor in your browserSvelte
lambdaless-functionslambdaless API - POC and explanationsPython
lambdaless-functions View the repository on GitHub
laposte-api-exampleLaPoste API exampleJavaScript
lettre-hebdomadaire.github.ioLe site de la LH, en attendant des jours plus heureuxAstro View the repository on GitHub
llamafile-lualatexlatex report automation using lualatex and llamafile🤓 😎🥸Lua
localstorage-superchargedA javascript object which under the hood save all hisdata in the localStorageJavaScript
localstorage-supercharged View the repository on GitHub
logo-madUnofficial logos for MaDMakefile
mdi-210MDI210 OptimisationJava
movies-displaydisplay movies listAstro
nmea-testnmea gps testPython
noto-emoji-turtleBecause we love the turtle
notoxno toxic names anymoreRust1
npm-license-dependenciesEasily download licenses of your dependenciesJavaScript
obs-webviewControl a web page for OBSSvelte1
photo-copyPython code to transfer pictures easilyPython
php-list-apiCreate a simple (GitHub like) API to list your filesPHP
pngtoolstiny cli to explore pngPython
polka-oauth-deezer-apiA polka server connecting to the Deezer API with OAuthJavaScript
polka-oauth-deezer-api View the repository on GitHub
print-in-html-testPrint a html webpage with custom cssJavaScript
proxy-wsTiny CLI for a ws proxyJavaScript
readme-compilerAn online README CompilerJavaScript
riounofficial RIO websiteJavaScript
rio201My RIO201 projectC
rio203RIO203 - a student project to manage a parking using IoTdevices.TypeScript
rio203-reportThe report for our rio203TeX
rss-checkerSimple RSS checkerJavaScript
rtThe website for R&T students !HTML
static-sitemapStatic sitemap generator & link discoverPython
string-explorerExplore the world of string and encodingSvelte
student-appDUT R&T - The student app, make and play quiz gamesJava
sudoku-solverA sudoku-solver in CC
supercharged-storesvelte-store but in VanillaJSJavaScript
svelte-number-displayerDisplay animated number easily with SvelteSvelte1
svelte-number-displayer-demoDemo of svelte-number-displayer packageSvelte
svg-packages-statsDisplay packages stats on your Profile !JavaScript
test-3gpp-hampiDecode asn1 and use it in rust with hampiRust
test-z3A weird way to verify sudokuJupyter Notebook
testsA repository with some fun tests in differents languagesJavaScript
thales-projectDUT R&T - Projet tutoré avec Thales Alenia Space
tiny_todoA simple TODO listPython
tool-blocksThe toolbox made of "blocks"JavaScript
vanta-backgroundBackground with vantaJavaScript
vite-proxy-vue-backendA super tiny project using Vue.js and Polka to play withthe vite configJavaScript
vite-proxy-vue-backend View the repository on GitHub
Gist - ShowDownJS problem with &
Gist - ShowDownJS problem with & View the Gist on GitHub
Gist - Function to print the byte
Gist - Function to print the byte View the Gist on GitHub
Gist - The Lesson and Quiz JSON draft
Gist - The Lesson and Quiz JSON draft View the Gist on GitHub
Gist - Keybase proof
Gist - Keybase proof View the Gist on GitHub
Gist - Keyoxide proof
Gist - Keyoxide proof View the Gist on GitHub


Total: 123

2020-07-11 - Update attribute-detail.html

2020-10-30 - [fix] html code

2020-11-02 - [Feature] add hook to static page

2020-11-03 - [Feature] add moreButtons to Ns button directive

2020-11-03 - [Feature] add pictorisation for Picto Page

2020-11-03 - [Feature] add tooltip for picto

2020-11-03 - [Fix] correct the wrong place for toolTip

2020-11-09 - [Fix] location of moreButtons

2020-11-09 - [Fix] button in additionalButtons

2020-11-09 - [fix] display of the choice

2020-11-09 - Fix more button display

2020-11-09 - Remove duplicate button

2020-11-10 - [Feature] add 'active' informations

2020-11-10 - Correct more buttons use

2020-11-17 - [Feature] control node version

2020-11-17 - [fix] slider and item of slider

2020-11-17 - [Feature] add search in API

2020-11-24 - [fix] dirty form

2020-11-24 - [fix] correct a bug

2020-11-24 - Family display

2020-11-24 - [feature] improve gallery display

2020-11-30 - [fix] style of border

2020-11-30 - Datepicker can remove date

2020-12-01 - New tab system

2020-12-14 - [Fix] Create empty discount

2020-12-15 - [fix] related products

2020-12-15 - [fix] Start with ssl

2020-12-21 - [fix] New theme upload

2020-12-21 - [fix] accessList display

2021-03-02 - Admin password recover

2021-03-10 - [fix] add test to Mocha

2021-03-15 - [Mocha] Add tests

2021-03-22 - [product] create generic file for category tab

2021-03-23 - New select product

2021-04-06 - [fix] reset restrictedFields when admin

2021-04-07 - Change dynamic of categories page

2021-04-19 - Change config access

2021-04-20 - Category Controller : change and use displayOrder and more

2021-04-27 - [fix] change the directive

2021-04-28 - New hooks for package send and return

2021-05-05 - Change Controller of plugins page

2021-05-06 - Change the controller to get correct products

2021-05-12 - [feature] add

2021-05-18 - Better ns-product-list directive

2021-05-26 - Use setConfig()

2021-06-07 - [fix] installer testDB and mongoDB connection

2021-06-08 - [feature] add promos tests

2021-06-08 - Make swagger desc

2021-06-08 - Add to swagger

2021-06-08 - [feature] new directive : ns-category-list-directives

2021-06-09 - Add eslint-rules

2021-06-09 - Dispatch Invoices

2021-06-16 - [feature] dispatch

2021-06-29 - [POC] better & easy multi themes

2021-07-16 - Hot reload api

2021-07-28 - [fix] change adminRights

2021-08-09 - Better routes loading

2021-08-10 - Change sitemap generation

2021-08-11 - Change double ternary

2021-08-13 - Attachments and safe function

2021-08-17 - Change installer routes